Our Journey just Begun

We are a small team of passionate and professional
individual having an eye for aesthetics, simplicity, and d.etail

The Story Of SectionSoft

It was 2011, when Amir registered SectionSoft under companies act.

It was almost two years that he quit his job at Nokia Siemens Networks and
was helping small & medium IT Startups, besides his own small web ventures and Training Manager’s achieve success in Project Management Certification.
During his corporate life and onwards, he met some of the finest people but also uncover a huge skill set deficit, which was further broadened by ignorance and misguidance of non-subject experts.
Amir was blessed to have worked with some of the top companies of the world but not everyone is as lucky as him, this realization that his people need help with digital skills and the world needs better, efficient, secure & affordable solutions and products, made him register a company.
It’s a company where humans are treated as humans regardless of background, culture, color and everyone is treated equally with empathy, care, and respect.
Meet, SectionSoft.
Where like-minded people come together and magic happens.
We train people with digital skills, produce solutions and products and build a freelance community. Together, we all help people achieve success with their business goals

The Mantra Of SectionSoft


Make Information Technology works for everyone and help organization achieve maximum value for themselves and stakeholders.


To build solutions, products and services and a community that inspires, educate and empower.


Communication, Integrity, Commitment, Excellence.

Communication: We believe in an open communication, both internally and externally.

Integrity: We believe and adhere to the old saying: “Honest is the best policy”.

Commitment: We have learned to say “No” but once we say “Yes”, we have a sincere commitment to our clients.

We don’t want to be another mediocre IT company. We will keep on refining our self and processes, constantly learn and update.

Value Proposition

Section Soft’s value proposition is to provide best services, solutions and products to Stakeholder’s in timely, efficient and cost-effective manner.

One Stop Shop for all Digital Needs.

We have some of the best people with the right tools, who are ready and willing to transform your business dream into a reality.

Branding and Identity

We can take care of your entire digital footprints. Whether it’s designing a unique Logo or catchy poster or any graphics work thats memorable and aspire creativity.

Motion Graphics & Animation

Whether it’s Motion Graphics, Video & Logo Animations, 2D/3D and Visual Effects or converting a boring footage into an awesome video, we can take care of everything.

Web Design & Development

Whether you just want a catchy and beautiful mockup design or a beautiful, responsive and unique website, we are ready to inspire you with our creativity.

The Origin Of Name SectionSoft

“HTML” is the first language recommended to almost every web development aspirant. “Section” is an HTML tag that I confess, I heard during registration of the company.

I personally believe Microsoft has changed the world. It has an immense influence on every computer users and I couldn’t be more thankful to Mr. Bill Gates for it. So “SOFT” came from Microsoft.

When “Section” and “Soft” came together, SectionSoft was born.

Initially, it was named “Zamung”; Zamung is a Pashto word and stands for ours. I’m huge on building and creating things together and productive when working in a team. So I bought the domain name and grab the vanity URL’s for social media but when I went to register the company on this name, the SECP mark the name questionable and not suitable for an IT company and I was asked to choose another name.
That’s when I heard about the Section Tag of HTML. I thought why not combine it with Soft and so the name SectionSoft.


Mian Amir Abbas Kaka Khel

Founder & CEO SectionSoft

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