Team Section Soft

Meet The Chosen One

The Digital Wizards

We are very choosy in selecting the right teammate.
SectionSoft Team is comprised of some of the best industry experts in their respective fields, with years of experience.
Tirelessly working to provide exceptional solutions to our clients and mentor youngsters.

The digital agency run by passion and caffeine.

The Idea Machine

The Chief thinker

Amir is the lead thinker and motivator behind SectionSoft Vision. He quit corporate life on the quest to build the perfect team & freelance community that helps solve big problems.

The Maker

The chief producer

Moxet is the most intelligent person I know and an incredibly talented engineer. He’s got the biggest heart and always puts others first. He’s a wonderful companion and my best friend. The true love of every Pukhtoon and Pakistani Community.

Shams Tamu

Creative Art Director

Adil Kamal

Motion Graphics

Mr Vector

The Color Spoiler

Web Marvel

 Energy Savor

The Tuber

The Speed Master

The Real People

working round the corner 24/7/365

Hours of Operation

23 hours, 56 minutes, 4 seconds.

00:00 am – 23:59 pm


365.2422 days

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